The Macro-Finance-Everything-else Workshop! (Year 3)

Below are the available dates.

Please edit the page and add yourself to one of the dates. If possible also add a title of the work you will present.

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  • August 29: Fabrizio Orrego, Sequential incompleteness and dynamic suboptimality in stochastic OLG economies with production
  • September 12: Jessie Jiaxu Wang, Labor Market Search and the Cross Section of Stock Returns
  • September 19: Stephen Lenkey, Advance Disclosure of Insider Trading
  • September 26: Maria Chaderina, Dynamic Hedging with Cash
  • October 3: Federico Gavazzoni, Monetary Policy and Long-Run Risk
  • October 10: Benjamin Holcblat, Estimating Consumption-Based Asset Pricing Models. The ESP Approach.
  • October 17: Steven Baker, The Price of Oil Risk.
  • October 24: Artem Neklyudov, Information Processing with Overlaps and Strategic Trading Outcomes
  • October 31: no meeting
  • November 7: Alex Schiller, International Risk Sharing Implied by Production
  • November 14: Batchimeg Sambalaibat
  • November 21: Mark Strøm Kristoffersen, Liquidity Constraints and Fiscal Stabilization Policy
  • November 28: Carlos Ramirez, On the Dynamics of Information Acquisition
  • December 5: Andrés Bellofatto, Selfish Parents and Intergenerational Taxation

  • --- BREAK ---

  • January 23: Recruiting
  • January 30: Recruiting
  • February 6: Batchimeg Sambalaibat, TBA
  • February 13: David Schreindorfer, Risks for the short run: option-implied volatilities, news announcements, and the cross section of stock returns
  • February 20: Steven Baker, Risk Sharing and Speculation in Markets for Storable Commodities
  • February 27: Stephen Lenkey - Activist Arbitrage, Lifeboats, and Closed-End Funds
  • March 5: Jessie Wang, TBA
  • March 12: SPRING BREAK
  • March 19: Artem Neklyudov, TBA
  • March 30: Maxime Roy - When a large supplier of a key input goes bankrupt: How screwed are his customers? / Carlos Ramirez: Simple rules of public debt structure
  • April 2: NO MEETING
  • April 9: Maria Chaderina - Why Firms Use (more) Trade Credit: Tradeoff between Tax Shields and Information Advantages
  • April 16: Artem Neklyudov - Information Acquisition with Overlaps and Strategic Trading Outcomes
  • April 23, Andres Bellofatto, TBA
  • Apri 30, NO MEETING
  • May 7, Nandana Sengupta, TBA

Time: 12:00

Location: GSIA 324